Keynote & Plenary Lectures

    The Keynote Lecture "Energy Storage Needs for a Transition to Renewables " will be given by Dr.Stathis Michaelides.

Professor Stathis Michaelides is currently the Tex Moncrief Chair of Engineering at Texas Christian University (TCU). Prior to this he was chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he also held the Robert F. McDermott Chair in Engineering and was the Founder and Director of the NSF-supported Center on Simulation, Visualization and Real Time Computing (SiViRT).  In the past he was the Founding Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas (2006-2007); the Leo S.Weil Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tulane University (1998-2007); Director of the South-Central Center of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change (2002-2007); Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the School of Engineering at Tulane University (1992-2003); Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Tulane (1990-1992).  Between 1980 and 1989 he was on the faculty of the University of Delaware, where he also served as Acting Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department (1985-1987).
Professor Michaelides holds a B.A. degree (honors) from Oxford University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Brown University. He was awarded an honorary M.A. degree from Oxford University (1983); the Casberg and Schillizzi Scholarships at St. Johns College, Oxford; the student chapter ASME/Phi,Beta,Tau excellence in teaching award (1991 and 2001); the Lee H. Johnson award for teaching excellence (1995); a Senior Fulbright Fellowship (1997); the ASME Freeman Scholar award (2002); the Outstanding Researcher award at Tulane (2003); the ASME Outstanding Service award (2007); the ASME Fluids engineering award (2014); and the ASME 90th Anniversary of FED Medal, 2016.
Professor Michaelides has authored six books. His last book on Energy, the Environment and Sustainability, (CRC Press 2018) has already been adopted by several Universities as textbook in energy courses.

 The Keynote Lecture " Biobutanol: Challenges and Opportunities " will be given by Dr. Jules Thibault .

Professor Jules Thibault obtained his bachelor of chemical engineering at the Royal Military College. He later obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University where he worked on the topic of heat transfer in nuclear reactors. He then spent seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces including two six-month postings to Egypt and Cyprus with the United Nations. To start his academic career, he taught in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Royal military College before joining the Department of Chemical Engineering of Laval University. In 2000, he moved to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa. His research interests are in biochemical engineering, renewable biofuels, and process simulation, control and optimization.

 The Keynote Lecture " Implementing the BioEconomy:  Key Success Factors Beyond the Profitability Imperative " will be given by Dr. Paul Stuart .

Paul is Professor of Chemical Engineering since 2000, when he joined Polytechnique-Montréal from industry to become Chairholder of an NSERC  Chair in Design Engineering, and later became the Scientific Director of the Value Chain Optimization (VCO) Canada-wide Network supported by NSERC. In his research program, Paul addresses industry-driven problems using product and process design methodologies and systems analysis tools, targeting challenges facing the forest products industry and allied sectors – and more specifically, involving the assessment of clean technologies for transformation of companies in the bioeconomy.  Paul co-founded and is Principal Consultant at EnVertis Consulting – dedicated to supporting the global forest sector in the identification and implementation of competitive biorefinery strategies. EnVertis applies a toolbox of engineering and business analytics for the mitigation of risk in bioeconomy strategies.
Prior to this, Paul worked in engineering design and consulting as a strategic consultant / process and environmental specialist in over 70 pulp and paper mills globally.  He held a number of leadership positions including as Board Member, Company Associate, Director of Environmental Services, and Director of Process and Environmental Engineering.
Paul is a founding Fellow of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC), a past President of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE), and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE).  He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in Montréal, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Quebec.